Magic Login is dead

Magic Login is no more, you can no longer sign up. We received a cease and desist letter from Magic Labs, Inc.

The Magic Login name was trademarked by Magic Labs, Inc.. Although the term has been used to describe login-by-email-link tech long before Magic Link was even around, it's not worth spending the effort to prove that. We only wished they had just asked nicely instead of sending a strong-worded letter.

We never charged anybody or collected payment details for our service. Existing users can reach out to receive a copy of the codebase to host it for themselves indefinitely. The service will stay up and running until the (rather few) active users are able to migrate.
Perhaps at some point magiclogin's codebase will be open sourced, and perhaps then it can receive a reboot with a new name.

16 May 2021

Forget about passwords

Allow your users to log in to your app by clicking a button in their inbox.


Better in almost every way

Your users forget their passwords and you don't want to be responsible for them anyway. Magic Login is a password-free authentication and transactional e-mail provider.

Passwordless Login

Users enter their e-mail address on your website to sign up or log in. They then receive an e-mail with a button that logs them into your app. That's it.

Passwordless helps with conversion, decreases abandonment, and there are no more password resets.

An increasing amount of apps such as Slack and Medium have embraced magic login links.

Does one thing really well

Magic Login solves authentication and transactional e-mails. You can move on to build the rest of your app.

Enterprise authentication and user-identity tools such as Okta or Auth0 do a lot more, and also charge a lot more.

Check out the documentation

No surprises

Other authentication services charge hundreds per month for modest userbases and lock you in. Magic Login has simple pricing - no surprises.

Magic Login is cheaper than building your own e-mail authentication using a service like Sendgrid or Mailgun, making it a real no-brainer.

Pricing Details

Fair, low pricing

No dark patterns here, you simply pay for what you use with a lower limit.
And still it's cheaper than the competition.


$7 / mo

  • 10,000 e-mails included
  • $0.65 per thousand after that


$29 / mo

  • 50,000 e-mails included
  • $0.55 per thousand after that

Taxes may apply. You can cancel anytime.

Sign up, try it for free

Every account starts on a 14 day free trial that doesn't require payment details.
You will not be billed automatically at the end of the trial.

Facts & Questions

If you have any questions after this, don't hesitate to reach out.

You can use Magic Login for anything you want the user to confirm their e-mail address for, these are use-cases where there's an "action" button in the e-mail.


  • Signup
  • Login
  • E-mail verification (e.g. after an e-mail change, or after signup without Magic Login)
  • Password reset
  • Confirmation of actions (e.g. deleting their account or to access dangerous admin settings)
  • Invitation e-mails of any kind (e.g. invitation to edit, or share by e-mail)

You can also use Magic Login for other transactional e-mails that don't contain an action button such as confirmation e-mails.

No, you will have to use a different service for this. Magic Login is for automated transactional e-mails sent to individual addresses.

Deliverability is very important for login and signup e-mails. We need to maintain a good reputation with e-mail providers to make sure our e-mails always get delivered.
Marketing e-mails especially are often marked as spam or left unopened which can hurt this reputation.

For newsletters you can consider Buttondown or Substack.

Magic Login doesn't stop you from also offering password or social login. Magic Login e-mails are only one way for users to authenticate themselves.

In fact, some users will prefer to log in using a password. As you build out your product, you could offer both side by side.

You could still use Magic Login for initial e-mail verification, password resets and other transactional e-mails.

Yes, you can create multiple projects (called applications) within a single account.

You can use Magic Login for as many of your client (or hobby) projects as you want with combined monthly billing.

Your backend code talks to our API to send e-mails and to verify clicked e-mail links/buttons.

Login flow example:

  1. The user enters their e-mail in your app/website and sends it to your server.
  2. Your backend talks to our API, providing a the followup link such as
  3. An e-mail is sent with a button that links to
  4. The user clicks the link. You take the mtoken field from the URL and send this token to our API.
  5. Magic Login checks whether the token is valid and returns success or error.
  6. In case it's all good, you log your user in: they have succesfully authenticated.

The documentation of course provides more details. You can customize the e-mail and token specifics such as how long it is valid for.


Cookies may be a good way to keep your users logged in, but that's up to you.

Yes, having DKIM and SPF set up correctly is important for deliverability of your e-mails.

If you are using a custom domain to send e-mail there will be some DNS entries you want to add. Don't worry, we'll guide you through it.